Customers want end-to-end security in order to create confidence.We’re all working hard to establish and maintain trust between Jacketarea and You. Certain frequently asked questions are answered below to assist you in your efforts.

What fundamental information does Jacketarea require about its customers?
We will only ask for your name, contact information, mailing address, and email address once you have placed an order after joining up on our websites. Although accessing and exploring the site does not necessitate the inclusion of your personal information.

What do Jacketarea require from their customers?
We simply require your valuable comments. Your criticism and feedback will undoubtedly act as a stepping stone to our success.
Your suggestions will undoubtedly assist us in improving our customer service and become more efficient in offering them.
We do not violate the contract we have with our clients since we keep your information safe and secure in our own data and do not sell it to other firms. However, with your consent, we will share your basic information with the courier department in order to deliver your order.

How do we safeguard your personal information?
For safety, numerous security checks are put and applied. Only by logging in to our website can you submit your information.
We employ a secure server for better transaction outcomes. Your credit card information and PayPal account information are secure and encrypted. We have a solid digital marketing strategy in place that only enables our most trusted onboard member’s access to your information.

Are cookies being used?
Yes, we do use cookies. Cookies allow the service provider to recognize you later and retrieve the information.
We will remember your shopping cart and spare you the trouble of having to do it again.

Do we sell your data to this industry?
Absolutely not! In these matters, we are very stringent. We never break any of our contracts. We are aware that these factors have a significant impact on the company’s and customers’ relationships. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use our website.

Do you concur?
We will consider you to have agreed to our policies and conditions by logging into your website.
How can I receive more information? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, contact us via our Facebook page.